Every year, the Portuguese can donate 0.5% of their taxes to an institution or NGO. However, 61% of the population didn’t donate last year. Simply because they don’t know who to donate to due to the lack the visibility and exposure of these organisations.

As most of these non-profits are called “Liga”, Liga Portugal Betclic, The Portuguese Football League, donated the naming rights of each of the 9 games of the Portuguese Football League to 9 different non-profit leagues.

The whole in-game experience was revamped: LED panels, tags, banners, commentators, tv infographics, radio announcements, player introductions, and even the signage in the stands was bearing the name of each of these non-profits, turning them into media outlets for those in need.
Client: Liga Portugal Betclic 
Agency: JUDAS 
CD: Vasco Thomaz
Strategy Director: João Pereira
Creative Supervisor: Ruben Barros
Copywriter: Ruben Barros
Digital Copywriter: Tomas Lampreia