McDonald’s has always been known for it’s meat. However, the people who are into the chicken, are reaaaaally into it. So we created a communication platform that touches on this obsession, and how for some people, it is greater than any other. These are the chicken fanatics. 

The more recent instalment features a young hypebeast in a room full of sneakers. He is talking about his obsession and as the spot progresses we realize that he wasn’t talking about his obsession with sneakers rather about his obsession with sneakers. 

The first instalment of this platform was to communicate the Rustic Chicken Sandwich. For this one we latched onto collectors obsessed with more classic things such as watches and hats. Following the same logic, during the spots it seems they are talking about their obsession with these objects, but at the end we realize they are actually talking about the sandwich. 
Client: McDonald’s 
Agency: BBDO/TBWA 
CCO: Rui Silva
ECD: Marco Pacheco
CD: Pedro Gonçalvez and Gezo Marques
Copywriter: Andre Aguas