Adopt a Bacalhau
Digital, Social

We were selected by the Creative Club of Portugal to represent Portugal for the ADCE’s (Art Directors Club of Europe) 2020 Greatness Challenge. In total, 18 European teams were challenged to show the local creative spirit of their countries. Even amidst so much talent, we still pulled a win.

Greatness Challenge Winner at ADCE Awards 

Copy by Joao Elias

The Walker Social Media
Digital, Social

After 10 seasons of The Walking Dead, it seemed the hype around the series was dying down (no pun intended). Especially on social media. So, we decided to tease exclusive content on a ‘dead’ social media platform. But in order to do so, we had to bring it back to life.

Silver at Creative Club of Portugal Festival

Creative Direction by Rafael Clark
Senior Copy by Marcus Seixas
Copy by Joao Elias

Christmas Traffic Lights

The Holidays are one of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. To raise awareness we decided to turn a distraction into a solution and synchronised Christmas lights with the traffic lights.

Gold at Creative Club of Portugal Festival
Second best local idea at El Ojo de Iberoamérica

Creative Direction by Rafael Clark
Creative Supervision and copy by Andre Afonso
Senior Art Direction by Savio Hatherly
Social by Joao Paiva and Joao Parra
Produced by Boa Onda

Early Edition
Knickerbocker for The New York Times

The Times has been around since 1851, providing the very ink with which history is written. Their own remarkable history is honored with this vintage-style collection.

Each item links to the past of The Times, inspired by information, artifacts or photos researched and unearthed in the Times's vast archives.

In this editorial the products do the talking. The plain background and use of analog photography allow products from different eras of inspiration to live together in an authentic collection. 

Produced by Knickerbocker
Creative Direction by Andrew Livingston
Photography by Emma Trim

Luis Paladino
New York, NY