Early Edition
Knickerbocker for The New York Times

The Times has been around since 1851, providing the very ink with which history is written. Their own remarkable history is honored with this vintage-style collection.

Each item links to the past of The Times, inspired by information, artifacts or photos researched and unearthed in the Times's vast archives.

In this editorial the products do the talking. The plain background and use of analog photography allow products from different eras of inspiration to live together in an authentic collection. 

Produced by Knickerbocker
CD by Andrew Livingston, Photography by Emma Trim

Revisit America
U.S.A. Tourism

After a heated election, it felt like the US had become two separate countries. With calls to heal the divide, we ran a traditional travel campaign to promote an exchange of experience between the two States of America.

Ads in public transport systems and streets of major cities encouraged residents to travel beyond their usual commute while international travelers were met with reminders that there’s more to explore at home.

A new Airbnb magazine featured domestic destinations through the eyes of the local hosts and pre-stamped postcards urged liberals to start a conversation.

Runner-up, Young Shits Award
Copy by Pat Dalton & Nechama Muchnik

No Place Like Home
NFL Ticket Exchange

Although I did not participate in concepting for this ad, I was lucky enough to help in the production. I aided in making graphics, selecting and editing clips and making the endcard. 

Produced by Grey New York
CD by Mike Cicale, AD by Ilana Wolstein 

Cloud Critiques

Everyone's a critic, but few have a platform. Part art piece and part public service, we provided one.

Critique Clouds, an AR extension for the MoMA app, recognized works of art in the Museum and generated a word cloud based on what people had to say. Critique Boards worked similarly through Twitter.

We brought the campaign underground and turned the subway into the city's largest art museum. We also added MoMA plaques to street art for critics to critique.

MoMA visitors could pull a sticker plaque off their museum ticket to place anywhere they want, activating a critique cloud and declaring what they think is art and what is not.

Copy by David Sierra

Luis Paladino
New York, NY