The Walker Social Media
Digital, Social

After 10 seasons of The Walking Dead, it seemed the hype around the series was dying down (no pun intended). Especially on social media. So, we decided to tease exclusive content on a ‘dead’ social media platform. But in order to do so, we had to bring it back to life. We turned Hi5 (Portugal’s MySpace) into a zombie social media.

Silver at Creative Club of Portugal Festival

Creative Direction by Rafael Clark
Senior Copy by Marcus Seixas
Copy by Joao Elias

Chicken Obsession

This is part two of our campaign that focuses on  our obsessions. Sure, sneakers are cool but nothing compares to McDonald's Chicken.

CCO Rui Silva
ECD by Marco Pacheco
Creative Direction by Pedro Gonçalvez and Gezo Marques
Copy by Andre Aguas

Sustainable Video
Tourism of Portugal
Digital, Social

To raise awareness about sustainable tourism and get tourists to change their travel habits we created a video that leads by example. 

HD e 4K streaming generate high amounts of Carbon Dioxide. Tourism brands are notorious for their high-res videos. So, we decided to show tourists that they can change small habits to lower their carbon footprint, by changing ours.

Winner at Young Lions Portugal 

Copy by Joao Elias

Imaginary Collection
Zippy x Fundação do Gil
Crowdfunding, Integrated

The Imaginary Collection was created to raise funds for Gil's Clinic, which aims to provide psychological support to children. We all know the power of children’s imagination. Unfortunately, it’s not powerful enough to build the clinic they needed. But by turning to the imagination of the Portuguese, Zippy kids store was able to raise the €150,000 to make this Clinic a reality. 

Silver at Creative Club of Portugal Festival

Creative Direction by Miguel Durão
Through Stream and Tough Guy
Copy by Joao Elias

Luis Paladino
New York, NY